Java Brewster

A Medic-Class woman who is part Coffee Machine.


Description: A fairly beautiful 32 year old woman, with a Coffee Boiler and brewing machine permanently attached to her back that doubles as energy to power the robotic legs she employed to replace the ones she had lost all that time ago.
(Yet to be determined completely, stats are subject to change)
STR: 15
DEX: 14
CON: 17
INT: 18
WIS: 15
CHA: 9
HP: 24
Weapon(s): Percolator
Can Craft: Coffee or any warm beverage, that double as healing devices. As well as that, she can create several form of pastries and other sustenance.


She was lost in the world, after a horrible coffee machine explosion that she assumed would be the end. But rather than sulking for the loss of her legs, husband, bloodstream and livelihood, however, the once renowned Coffee maker Java Brewster turned this pain into something more worthwhile. She became a medic, making sure that no one else would have to suffer what had occurred to herself through the use of medically infused caffeine. She wishes to find something that could rekindle the work she always enjoyed, such as the elusive perfect blend of Coffee that she seeks for around the world. Her parents being Brewsters before their deaths, her feeling responsible for the business’s downfall and her husband’s passing from it are all things that drive Java towards the goal of redemption. She is constantly being haunted by the accident that left a permanent mark on her (the coffee machine), although these nightmarish thoughts and harrowing depression are all masked because of the constant source of Caffeine flowing through her bloodstream. Her fear of losing more than what has already been lost, and her energetic, disconnected personality are all things that shape the decisions that she makes. She does not despise much, except for disrespect against her will, intentions, and heated caffeine.

Java Brewster

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